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Have You in the Rain

Post #1

I had to get you out of there. I rowed us out further, away from the house and its prying eyes. You sit there with such an innocent smile. Your wearing a summery yellow dress covered in a flower patten and you watched me as I row. We both know what's coming, but for now we play the part of innocent little children. Mother would never approve my relationship with you moving so fast. Neither would your father ever let you see me again if he knew what I did to you. But that didn't stop us, we played them all and we had each other for escape.

I was rowing us out into my lake, bare chested I was sweating slightly from rowing so quickly. I wanted to get far away quickly. Your eyes unlike your smile betrayed you, my toned and muscled body glistening in sweat was all you could look at. Bit of an ego boost, but it only made me row faster. You had on a ridiculous pair of heels, completely unable to handle the outdoors, but you wore them to tease me.

We finally got far enough out on the north end of the lake, slightly around the corner and you put you foot in my lap, very close to my already present bulge. You asked for a foot rub, because your feet were sore from the heels.

Again your eyes betrayed your intentions, but I played along. I grabbed your leg and massaged the calf first. Working my way down I came to the strap of your shoe and undid it. I pulled the shoe off and tossed it aside. I massaged your foot and you seemed to genuinely enjoy the rub. Putting it down I reached for your other foot and similarly massaged the calf working my way down. When I got to your strap I lifted you leg and started to undo it with my teeth kissing your foot and ankle. Your dress started to slid up and you made no move to stop it. I continued to kiss your foot as the dress slid all the way back and exposed your thin white panties under you dress.

Scooting forward you pulled the panties into you lips, making your pussy more well defined. I kissed your foot and stared, you seemed to glow from the watching. Such a nasty girl you were, you loved to let me stare at you, to tease with your body. I think it worked both ways, in every church production you seemed to grow a little more open in teasing and I in my accidentally walking in on you changing. I knew how beautiful you were, and how tight that pussy was, and I also knew you had no desire for me to look away. Fortunately for me, I had no intention to.

I started to kiss up your ankle and leg. About when I reached your knee I had to stop, a huge rolling thunder clap washed across. A wall of black clouds had appeared on the horizon and it looked rather sever. I tried to go back to your leg, but we both were very distracted. More thunder kept rolling across us and we were very exposed on the lake. I finally put your leg down and grabbed the oars. I guess it would have to wait.

As I started to turn the boat you decided that not everything had to wait and spread your legs. I had an even clearer view of you pussy, all pressed out against your little panties. My cock was getting harder and you slid your hands on your thighs. A few raindrops started to fall and one hit you on your cleavage and started to run down between your breasts. You brought a finger up and caught it. You took your finger and moved it to your lips, where you licked the drop off. You licked the whole finger, slowly and then put it in your mouth. You sucked the finger deep into you mouth and started to moan as you sucked it. My pants were getting very uncomfortable and the rain started to fall harder.

You were getting wet. Your summery dress was rather translucent even when dry, by now it was clinging to you as it got soaked. You didn't have on a bra, or anything but panties, soon you were basically naked in front of me. Your nipples were hard, and jutting out. As I stared at them you moved your hand to pinch one. You moaned with delight, and I stared with hunger. I was rowing fast and I had changed course to nearest land. You couldn't see, as it was behind you, but I didn't even slow down as I drove the boat into the shoreline. Surprised, you fell back legs spread wide as you tried to catch your fall. I reached over and smacked your exposed pussy. You squealed and sat up quickly and I pulled you hard into a kiss. I was going to have you, rain or no rain.

I picked you up and you wrapped your legs around me. We were both soaking in the downpour and rain ran down your face as I kissed it. I kissed the drops of your face and you leaned back letting kiss down your neck. As I walked and you rubbed you pussy against my cock. It felt so good. I bit softly into your neck and you cried out with pleasure. I reached a tree and set you down spinning you so you faced the tree.

I reached around and grabbed you breasts. So full and round, the filled my hands and you moaned as I massaged and pulled them and you into my chest. Your rubbed your ass on me and I thrust you into the tree. I pulled your dress up with one hand and then grabbed your pussy. I kartal escort pressed my fingers into you, bringing your soaked panties with. You moaned and cried out, I have no idea how wet you were from the rain or from yourself but your pussy was on fire. My fingers were instantly warm from you, and I pulled up and in, massaging you on the inside.

The first time we did this you pretended you wanted me to look for something and were too embarrassed to ask anyone else. I played along and felt around,. It was the first time I had ever touched a girl's pussy and you were soaked. I had no idea how wet you would be, but you wanted more and told me to look inside. My finger had slid in easily. I reached inside and your expression of pure joy pushed me deeper. You were lost for words for a while but finally you asked me to keep looking. I delved my finger deeper and felt all around. I watched you pussy stretch as I pushed in a second finger and probed you. My fingers grazed a rough spot and you jumped. That was the spot, I found it and rubbed it asking you if it was right. You didn't answer me but you had got very ridged and the spot got if possible warmer. I pressed on it and it started to swell. You remained frozen so I rubbed a little more vigorously until you let out a cry and your hips started to shake. We kissed for a long time that night and ever since then you loved to let me play inside you whenever we had time.

My fingers had found that spot again. Your panties had finally been moved aside and I rubbed that little hot spot inside you. I gripped your soft breast in my hand and massaged it. I loved to play with them and right now you hadn't a care in the world besides my fingers. My cock was so hard against you and you were moaning as rain rain down our bodies I felt it was time. Pulling my fingers out you whimpered but moaned in pleasure when I stuck them in your mouth. We liked the taste of your pussy and my little treat kept us both hot while I undid my pants.

Sliding them down I pulled back against you and you gasped in surprise at how warm my cock was against your naked ass. I bent you over and you put your hands on two trees about shoulder width apart and spread your legs. I took a moment to stare and you, letting you know how much I liked to look at your pussy. You moan, even without touching you, you were melting at the pleasure of being stared at. I stepped forward and guided my cock into your waiting pussy.

You arced your back and I reached forward and grabbed your breasts again. I started to fuck you, faster than I could help myself. You were so hot, and you felt so good. I knew I couldn't keep the pace without cumming but I couldn't hold back. I pulled you and fucked you as I cupped your big soft tits. You were moaning and I was getting close. I had to pull you off, you turned and knelt down, you knew what was coming. You didn't even wait and put your mouth right over my cock. You sucked me deep into your mouth and I came almost at once. You never had let me do that before, and I was overcome with pleasure. My cock was way deep in your mouth and even pressed up against your throat. I held you still as I started to float down from my high and you swallowed my cum.

Oh my god it felt good being so deep in you like this and my head was spinning. It was not long after I started to play inside of you a few times, you felt it was my turn. You had reached down and grabbed my hands and put them on your tits. I sat up and played with them. When I got closer you reached down and grabbed my cock, no hesitation, no second guessing. You had always been forward with your body and now you wanted mine. I let you undo my pants and drink in the sight of my cock for the first time. You rubbed me with your hands and giggled with glee as I started to get bigger under your care. I was already aroused but with your hands on me, I got rock hard and could feel every pulse of blood in my cock. You moved I tried to follow but you had held me down. You stood and started to take your shirt off. You pulled the fabric against you as you slid it up your torso. You were so hot, I could believe you were playing with my cock and letting me stare at you so openly. But you wanted me to stare, you were wet at the thought, I knew that now. I started and you watched me stare as you raised your shirt higher and higher. When you got to your tits you shook them and my cock twitched. You smiled and shook them again. I think I was drooling at this point and then you started to raise your shirt even higher lifting you tits with it. When they could reach no higher they pulled out and bounced down out of your shirt. I groaned in pleasure and you knelt down. Without warning you kissed the head of my cock. I jerked in surprise. You grabbed it with your hand and kissed it again. I was completely under your control and you held me still as you licked it.

I have no idea what you were thinking at that moment but your eyes never left me while you licked me. I had tired to look back at you kartal otele gelen escort but I couldn't help but wander. I followed your hand, your tongue, your tits as they swayed. This was the first time you had watched me while you did things to me. It must have been a new glow, your body pleasuring mine and I was even more focused on you. There was no where else I looked, no where else I thought than about you. You had my concentration one-hundred percent and you loved the feeling. You wrapped your big tits around my cock as started to bob up and down. Pre-cum formed, and curious, you had licked it right off the tip. That tiny lick, where I was so sensitive almost got me off. Your warm smile afterward did. I came on you for the first time, mostly your chest but the first spurt made it up to your chin and neck. You smiled and I pulled you into a kiss. We had two games now.

You had sucked me once before but I pulled out and came on your face. It ran down and you stared at me with such joy I kissed you even with my cum on your face. Today it I came inside, I hadn't really meant to but I in no way regretted it. I held you the feeling was so good. Your throat convulsed around me as you milked the last bit of cum out of me and you stared up at me. Your eyes were wet, from rain or tear or both and I pulled you off of me and you gasped for air. As soon as you caught your breath you put me back inside you. I jerked and twitched, I almost lashed out in surprise but I managed to still myself. My cock was so tender your sudden taking of me was almost too much. You loved the attention, my cock in you had made me even more under your spell and you took full advantage of it.

But I wasn't ready yet, it was too soon since I had cum so regrettably I pulled you off of me. I pulled you to your feet and kissed you. I pulled your leg up so you pussy lay against my cock and you rubbed me. You rubbed your hot cunt on my cock and you moaned. I pulled harder and made you moan even more. The sound of you was starting to turn me on even more than the sight or even the feeling of you.

The rain was still coming down but it had tapered a little and I turned you around. Your dress was still riding up and I placed my cock right between your cheeks and grabbed your tits. We had places to go but no sense in letting us cool off. I wanted to keep you hot and holding you from behind made you wonder what I was doing, where I was looking, you couldn't see what I was thinking. I made you question me as I held you, made you imagine for yourself what I was going to do next. I started to walk forward.

We walked and I did my best to hold you the whole time, but the position was awkward and a couple of times we broke apart. My cock was getting harder and pushed into you more and more each time we stumbled. You were preoccupied with me gripping you and so when I got to the base of my treehouse you looked around confused for a couple seconds.

You had only been here once before, I brought you here the first time you came to my house. We climbed into the treehouse and you had made sure to go first. I was able to stare right up your dress at your panties. You went slow and made sure I was watching. You made sure I would be hard before you got to the top. When we finally were at the top platform you started at me and started across the bridge and shook you ass more than needed and made me follow. I followed you to the largest platform. I stopped the last few steps from you and would come no further. You pouted and told me come over and kiss you.

By now we had played many times and you knew I wanted you. I made you strip before I came any further. I was not content with just your dress. I made you take off your bra, you had almost no need for it your tits were so perky and firm, but it was proper and you made sure to look nice on first coming to my house. I made you take you panties off, and your shoes, even your hair-tie. I left you in only calf length white cotton socks. You were naked for me and I could tell you were dying for me to touch you. But I preferred to get you as hot as I could before I did.

I made you sit. I made you spread your legs and show me your pussy. You were such a nasty girl, you would do anything I asked as long as I had my eyes on you. I was hard and you knew it, I was staring at you with such hunger you were melting. I made you put your fingers inside you pussy. I told you to reach inside and make yourself feel good. You played with your clit and pushed one and then two fingers inside your tight pussy. I started to undress while I watched you. My body was hard, so muscled from the end of the season. From work at the house and training I was in the best form of my life and you massaged with greater vigor as I undressed for you.

Finally I walked over, you stopped and jumped up to hold me. In all our playing we had never been this naked with each other. Hands under clothes, fingers probing, hands exploring, you topless kartal eve gelen escort but never completely naked with each other. You lifted your leg and I held it. We rubbed together and it felt so very good. Our games were always one way before but this, this was even better. Your pussy rubbing on me felt as good as my cock felt on you. I laid you down, we had a goal and we were both very nervous. This was much more serious than anything we had done so far. You were a virgin I knew, I had felt the skin inside you. I was too, my cock had never been inside anything more than your mouth. We were each others firsts and the feeling was mutual. We tried to resist. It was so wrong to do it this way, no one even knew we were dating officially and we were about to have sex. But when I started into your eyes your look of longing was as deep as mine. I pressed into you, and you moaned and cried in pain as I stretched you and tore you inside. I pressed deeper and waited for you to adjust. The pain was brief, you adjusted and pulled me in. I kissed you and your neck and I start to thrust. You moaned and pulled me close your nails in my back. I started to pump faster and you moaned louder, I was kissing you but you were rocking so much I had to move up so as to fuck you faster. You played with you clit and your tits, and you kept moaning in ecstasy. Your eyes were closed but you didn't need to know where I was, it was obvious where my attention was and you just lay and enjoyed it. I felt myself getting close and I told you. It was so good but you were unreachable at the moment so I fucked harder. When I was about to explode I pulled out and jerked my hand on my cock. In a matter of seconds I let go all over your torso and you shook as the cum landed on your body. You must have been overwhelmed by my cum and orgasmed yourself.

I gripped you to me, my cock still in-between your cheeks. I knew you were thinking about that day too. You stepped away from me and threw your dress down. No more teasing today, I already had fucked you, but you weren't finished yet. You ignored the ladder and started to climb the tree. You spread you legs and exposed as much of your pussy to me as you could and you climbed keeping close behind. When I got to the top you took my pants off. They still hung off, my cock already out, but you wanted me fully naked.

I grabbed the small of your back and pulled your tits to my face. I kissed them and sucked the rain off your nipples. You had such perfect tits, I would never get tired of them and you loved to let me play. I sucked on you until you pulled me off.

You pushed me back into the hammock and straddled me. Standing over my chest, you set your self down and your pussy right against me. You grabbed my arms and put my hands back on your tits and gyrated yourself on me. I could feel your heat and smell your pussy. I have tasted it on your fingers and on mine but I had never tasted the source. I was suddenly intrigued by the concept of tasting you there. I took my hands down and reached around to grip your ass. I gripped the muscle there and squeezed until you moaned for me. The rain had started to come down harder and as I pulled you toward my face and you realized what I was doing. I stopped pulling when you pussy was right above me, inches from my face. You could feel my breath on you and I opened my mouth letting the rain drip off you and into my mouth.

You were drenched, the rain pounded against your chest as the wind started to blow. My cock too was being hit with the droplets and it was like a little massage. It might be getting a little cold because your nipples were hard and my breath fogged up that air. The warmth was going right on you dripping pussy and you were moaning in anticipation. I reached up and kissed it. I had no idea what to do but I kissed you like it was your mouth and pulled you on my face. The warm embrace of your legs around my head felt good, but was background to you. Besides your wonderful taste I started at you and you were in heaven. Every amount of pleasure I got from you on my cock seemed mimicked if not even stronger for you right now. I found your clit with my tongue and flicked it and made you jerk. I sucked it in and you cried out. Your pussy was not just wet from the rain, you were as hot as you had even been and you would be dripping either way. I drank those sweet juices, I kissed every drop off of you and still there was more. I drove my tongue inside and you actually screamed out gripping my hair and pulling me deeper.

The storm was getting stronger and your hair started to blow in the wind. I sucked harder on your pussy and you started to rock, grinding your pussy against my face. You were at a loss it seemed, for where to put your hands. You gripped my hair but it wasn't enough, you slid them over your body, pushed the hair out of you face, you moan and rubbed my face. I kissed, and sucked, and probed you with my tongue. My mouth was busy and my nose was buried in your crotch smelling you but my eyes were fixed on you. I stared at your body as you writhed with pleasure and you could hardly look at me it felt so good. Your hands found your nipples and you pulled on them and whimpered from my scorching gaze, you were playing with your nipples, my previous favorite thing to suck on you.
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